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r-seal pu1

(AM) R-Seal PU 1

Description - 1-part polyurethane based elastomeric sealant.


Uses - recommended to be used for heavy and light precast panel expansion joints, wood, aluminum and PVC joinery seams, and expansion joints in traditional construction.


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(AM) R-Seal Joint Filler PE

Description - crossed linked, closed cell and non-absorbent polyethylene expansion joint filler board.


Uses - recommended to be used in concrete and masonry structures for their expansion and isolation joints.


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novezseal 2000b

NovezSeal 2000B

Description - thick bituminous compound which is formulated with specially selected fiber to form a semi-stiff paste.


Uses - recommended to be used for expansion joints for roof slab and floor, and repair of leaks and cracks in all kind of roofs.


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